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We here at Robert Racek's Retro Experiences, create arcade tournaments, puzzle competitions, card and dice games as well as pinball events for all occasions; as well I can find and create an ongoing or one off Dungeons and Dragons encounter for your group.

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Design / Consulting / Marketing for On The Spectrum (OTS) Clients and Businesses

With my spatial expertise and knowledge as an ABA trained CNA for 35 years, I can help you design (or redesign) your early learning center / activity area, and help create a space that would be more inviting for children and adults that are on the spectrum (OTS) of Autism / ADHD / Tourette's syndrome.

Arcade Consultant

I will help your arcade or event with game collection choices, formation of contests, and tournaments, as well as guide you with the any mandated social distancing requirements for your state.

Arcade Tournaments

Arcade tournaments featuring Frogger, Galaga, Asteroids, Tron, Snap Jack -- you name it. We will organize a tournament for your next event!

Jigsaw "Speedrun" Puzzles

We use only the best quality puzzles (Ravensberger) for our speedy fun puzzle competitions...we can also live stream them for you so that fans at home may watch them as well.

Board Game Competitions

Risk, Monopoly, Parcheesi or even the game of Life...

Custom Retro Experience

We create fun for any location or budget that you have. Email or call us and we shall begin chatting about your needs.

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